Seat selection

Do you want to be seated next to your travel companion? Or in your preferred seat?




– Upfront seats are the first 5 rows of the Economy cabin. The seat position is near the door of the aircraft, shortening the travel time when boarding and disembarking.

– Emergency exits seat are the rows of seats that are horizontal to the exit doors on the aircraft. The position of this seat depends on the configuration of each aircraft. The seat near the exit door has a large space in front, guests can stretch their legs comfortably, without being entangled in the front seats.

– Standard seats are the standard seats in Economy cabin and excluding the Emergency exits seat.

– Non-Chargeable Seats are seats in Economy cabin in the back of the aircraft, excluding Emergency Exit Seats and non-reclining seats. 

You can also select your preferred seat during online check-in or request seat selection via our Customer Service hotline: +84 1900 1166

For Domestic route

Currency Upfront seat Emergency exit seat Standard seat Comfort seat
VND 100,000 200,000 80,000 300,000