Our message

Among breakthroughs in bringing a young carrier established in 2017 to become an airline covering Vietnam and the region, there is one steady goal that we have always pursued: Bearing the torch in setting new benchmarks in domestic aviation while maintaining operational capacity and safety management that meet international standards. 

This resolute journey has shown good results. Bamboo Airways’ network has contributed to streamlining the crucial air traffic in many areas, followed by opportunities in promoting tourism and trade as well as contributing to regional socio-economic development. 

Bamboo Airways has further spread its wings in the sky, leaving numerous Vietnam destinations to glow on the global tourism map. Wearing the iconic bamboo color of friendliness, resilience, and bravery, we take pride in conveying the utmost value and beautiful images of Vietnamese people and country to the world. 

The global aviation industry still has to overcome many challenges, and Bamboo Airways is not an exception. However, we hold a strong belief that a true spirit in the face of adversity will catalyze significant innovation and improvement in the long run. 

Absolute safety continues to be a prerequisite for the operational procedure. The comprehensive digital transformation is gathering pace. New products and policies continue to place customers in the heart. Everything aims to optimize passengers’ benefit and encourage the domestic aviation and spearhead economic sectors to not only recover but also flourish and strongly compete in the new phase. 

The most important thing we always bear in mind is that despite changes in customers’ needs, what comes from the heart will go to the heart. The sense of hospitality and dedication will always be expected and valued. We truly want to yield customers’ happiness not only in destinations but also right from every Bamboo Airways’ flight. 

With sincere gratitude, we are honored to welcome you on the next worth-taking journeys!