Cancel check-in

If you have checked-in via the Online check-in function on Bamboo Airways’s website, you can proactively cancel the check-in status in 2 options:

Option 1: Cancel check-in status as soon as the system confirms successful check-in
Option 2: Acces the website of Bamboo Airways to cancel check-in

After check-in in step 5,

Step 6: Upon check-in completion, a success message will be shown. You can choose to print or receive via email your boarding pass or choose to cancel the check-in status by selecting the "Cancel check-in" feature.

Step 7: Select name of the passenger that needs to be unchecked and select "Cancel check-in"

The system confirms that Check-in cancellation completed.

Step 1: Access Bamboo Airways homepage, select "Travel Infos" > "Cancel Check-in"

Step 2: Click:

Input PNR (Passenger name record) or ticket number and last name of the passenger whose check-in status needs to be cancelled, click "Check-in".

Step 3: Select the passenger’s name to cancel check-in, select "Cancel Check-in" and click "Continue".

The system confirms that Check-in cancellation completed.