Awesome Monday! SUPER SALE to redeem VinID points to Bamboo Club with ENDLESS offers

Easy redemption from VinID to Bamboo Club with discounts up to 20%, the opportunity to accumulate simple bonus points from daily spending with countless benefits. The more you redeem, the bigger the reward ! Detail:

Promotion detail: 

Get an extra up to 20% when converting VinID into Bamboo Club bonus points on every “super sale” Awesome Monday. Specific points reward rate:


VinID Points Bamboo Club Bonus Points Package Reward Bamboo Club Bonus Points % Point Reward
2,800 100 10 10%
14,000 500 50 10%
28,000 1,000 150 15%
56,000 2,000 300 15%
140,000 5,000 1,000 20%


Promotion period: from 25/09/2023 to 27/11/2023

Redemption Instructions

Redemption conditions: VinID account and Bamboo Club account must match the account holder's name and phone number.

For any questions, please contact: