Redeem 2-way points - Hunt for millions of deals

Dear our valued Member,
With an aim of serving more interesting promotions to members, Bamboo Club is now cooperating with GRAB to launch the bilateral redemption program. Bamboo Club members can earn points from eligible points of Bamboo Airways then exchange those points to Bamboo Airways rewards or Bamboo Club partners’ services (Viettel++, GRAB, OCB,…).

  • What is Bamboo Club bonus point: the point used within the Bamboo Club Program that members earn after each eligible flight with Bamboo Airways. The members can use their points to exchange various rewards: Bamboo Airways services (award ticket, excess baggage, First lounge pass at Ha Noi/Con Dao/Quy Nhon/Dien Bien/Phu Quoc airport…) and services of other partners within FLC group/having agreements with Bamboo Club.
  • GrabRewards points: the point that members earns when using Grab services (GrabBike, GrabCar, GrabExpress, GrabFood…) in Vietnam. GrabRewards points can be used to exchange to promotions/services/products of Grab and its partners.

Applicable period: until 26/01/2024.
The point validity will follow the current terms and conditions of Bamboo Club and GrabRewards.
For further details of GrabRewards program, please access here: GrabRewards: Đi Grab tích điểm| Grab VN

1. Exchange Bamboo Club points to GrabRewards points:
  • Apply to: Bamboo Club member who is also a GrabRewards member.


  • A member can redeem a maximum of 5 transactions/month.
  • The registered mobile phone number in Bamboo Club member profile and GrabRewards account must be the same.
  • Exchange rate:
Bamboo Club point GrabRewards received
1,500 points 800 points
3,000 points 2,000 points


Terms & Conditions:

  • Member’s Grab account must be active at the time of redemption. The registered mobile phone number in Grab and Bamboo Club account must match when exchanging Bamboo Club points to GrabRewards points.
  • Bamboo Club members can redeem GrabRewards points when accumulating at least 01 flight and having Emerald, Gold, Diamond or First membership tier.
  • Points to be exchanged are Bonus Points and not eligible for tier change qualification or extend the life of your GrabRewards point.
  • Bonus Points that have been used to exchange will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • The expiry date of GrabRewards points exchanged from Bamboo Club points will follow the terms and conditions of Grab.The customers view the GrabRewards loyalty program on the website:
  • Bamboo Club members can redeem a maximum of 5 transactions per month and 30000 points per year.
  • Exchange rate and expiry date are subject to change.


Log into Bamboo Club account in Bamboo Airways mobile application and choose “Use Bonus Points”.

Choose “GrabRewards” and select the point package.

Choose “Connect to Grab” and fill in the mobile phone number.

Input the OTP received via SMS. Click “Confirm” after the status changed to “Connected to Grab successfully”

Check the tickbox for terms & conditions confirmation and input PIN number of Bamboo Club account at the next screen.
Should you forget the PIN number, please contact Bamboo Club for further assistance.

A successful redemption screen shows up.

2. Exchange GrabRewards points to Bamboo Club points:
  • Apply to: GrabRewards members and Bamboo Club members.
  • Exchange rate:
GrabRewards points Bamboo Club points
210 points 25 points
420 points 50 points
830 points 100 points
1650 points 200 points



Open “Grab” application and choose Rewards/Travel.

Select the rewards and choose “Redeem”

Check the points used to redeem, the validity of the rewards and the remaining points balance then click “Confirm”. Choose “Use now” to access the redemption page.
Input the Bamboo Club membership number, Member’s full name and click “Exchange”.

A successful redemption screen shows up.


  • Call Center: 19001133 (fee: 1,000vnd/ minute)
  • Email:
  • Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways