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Explore Japan

Japan is known as the land of beautiful and poetic cherry blossoms and rich cultural heritages charming tourists. If you desire to step foot in a place with impressive travel memories, Japan is a good destination for you. Let’s discover information about flight tickets to Japan now!

Japan airport Information

Narita International Airport (airport code NRT): This is the second largest airport in Japan with a capacity of serving about 40 million arrivals per year. The airport has 2 runways and an apron of 60 aircraft stands. In addition, the airport comprises 3 passenger terminals with convenient services such as free wifi, food stalls, beverage shops, medical services, ticket counters, electronic device charging stations, etc.

Attractions in Japan

  • Tokyo Tower: The tower is located in the center of Tokyo with a height of more than 333m. Tokyo Tower is famous for its unique architecture and attractive lighting system. At the impressive height, visitors have the opportunity to take in the panoramic view of the city.
  • Himeji Castle: Located in Hyogo Prefecture, this building is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage and a national treasure of Japan. Not only bearing the magnificent beauty of art, the castle also preserves the historical and cultural values of Japan.
  • Kinkaku-ji Temple: Coming to the ancient capital of Kyoto, visitors are completely attracted by the unique architecture of Kinkuka-ji temple. Moreover, the temple is covered by a charming natural landscape with green trees, calm lake and fresh air.

Ideal travel time

Although Japan is located in the temperate sub-frigid region, there are four seasons with distinct weather characteristics in different regions. In particular, from March to May or from September to November, the weather in Japan is quite mild, with little rain. This is the ideal time to attract tourists to explore Japan, admire the beautiful natural scenery in autumn or admire the cherry blossoms. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Japan, you should consider booking flight tickets to Japan at this time!

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