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Pleiku is famous for the vast scenery of the Sea Lake, immense green tea hills, or romantic pine tree paths. Why don’t you book flight tickets to Pleiku at Bamboo Airways to explore a safe, economical and exciting journey!

Pleiku airport information

Pleiku Airport (airport code “PXU”) is located on 17/3 Street, Thong Nhat Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province. This airport has a runway of 2,400mx45m and an apron of 5 aircraft stands. Furthermore, the airport also has a terminal with an area of 2,174.53m2 capable of receiving 600,000 passengers per year.

Ideal travel time

Pleiku’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season usually starts from May to October, and the dry season starts from November to April next year. The ideal time to visit the mountain town is November and December, when the weather is fresh and cool. You will enjoy the warm sunlight in the early morning, brilliant sunshine in the afternoon, and the cold weather in the afternoon and evening.

Attractions in Pleiku

  • Bien Ho (Sea Lake): You will admire the charming landscape with clear blue lake water and green pine forests and mountains. Moreover, Bien Ho is also an impressive spiritual and cultural destination with a 15.3m high statue of Guanyin Buddha.
  • Chu Dang Ya Volcano: Located in the heart of Gia Lai mountain town, Chu Dang Ya volcano attracts visitors to explore the fascinating wild beauty. Especially in November every year, visitors may see wild sunflower blossoms adorning the beauty of Chu Dang Ya with an iridescent yellow color.
  • Buu Minh Pagoda: Surrounded by green tea hills, Buu Minh pagoda tower is an impressive highlight with a peaceful spiritual scene in harmony with the sky and the vast rivers and lakes. You have the opportunity to discover the unique architectural beauty imbued with historical, religious and religious values while coming here

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