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Discover Germany

Germany is characterized by ancient and peaceful beauty by preserving many ancient architectural works. This is also one of the countries with the most developed economy and education in the world and visited by many international students as well as tourists. Are you curious and eager to explore this country? Choose flight tickets to Germany at Bamboo Airways to have a memorable journey!

German airport information

Frankfurt Airport (airport code: FRA) is the main, busiest airport in Germany and the 4th largest airport in Europe. Frankfurt Airport has 2 main terminals, of which Terminal 1 is the oldest terminal with a capacity of serving up to 50 million arrivals per year. Terminal 2 was built later, capable of receiving more than 15 million arrivals per year. Two terminals are adjacent to each other and you can use the free Skyline to move back and forth. 

Attractions in Germany

  • Romerberg Square: Located in the heart of Frankfurt, Römerberg is the most vibrant and beautiful square of the city. A visit to Frankfurt would not be perfect without exploring its colorful old houses, churches and bustling atmosphere. Coming to the street, you will be amazed by the cozy atmosphere and local dishes that are not available anywhere else.
  • Lubeck port: You should not miss renting a boat to stroll on the Trave River and see the peaceful life of the people on both river banks. In addition, you should enjoy the traditional almond candy and the famous Rotspon wine here!
  • Munich: Coming here, you will admire the monuments bearing the imprint of time such as Munich palace, Nymphenburg castle, town hall and Bavarian forest. Especially, if you book flight tickets to Germany in late September – early October, you may participate in the spectacular Oktoberfest beer festival in this city.

Ideal travel time

Germany has a fairly mild climate, and it is not too hot in the summer. However, the best time to travel here is from April to November (especially July and August). At this time, the weather in Germany is extremely cool and the temperature is only about 18 – 20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, this is also the time when the peaceful Germany becomes bustling in the festive atmosphere including food festivals, wine festivals, samba, etc.

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